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How Attachment Theory Affects The Diverse Range Of...

As an aspiring professional counselor, it is important to have a solid understanding of the growth and development of children can be affected by attachment to primary caregivers within the first years of life. Attachment theory, which was developed by Erikson and Bowling, describes how the first year of interactions with caregivers serves as model, which heavily influences how children navigate in the world, even into adulthood (Broderick Blewitt, 2015). In this week’s assignment, we are challenged to think through the implications of attachment theory as it relates to children who are adopted and children who are raised by their biological parent(s). With the help of various research articles, textbook readings, and case studies, I†¦show more content†¦Interestingly, none of the children who were institutionalized showed signs of avoidant attachment, even though it would be normal to observe such with children who are raised by their biological mothers (Marcovitch et al., 1997). Although the study is thorough in describing findings among those who are adopted from institutions, specifically orphanages, the study falls short of describing attachment patterns with children who are adopted at birth and had no experience with institutions. Therefore, I do not believe that the study conducted by Marcovitch et al. (1997) describes attachment among all adopted children, but it does describe how children who spend a considerable amount of of their first year of life in orphanages are more likely to have issues later in life since attachment theorist believe that attachment or lack thereof can affect cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development (Broderick Blewitt, 2015). In fact, the outcomes of children who spend a majority of their early years in an institutional setting can be attributed to the â€Å"lack of an attachment figure† (Marcovitch et al., 1997, pp. 19). Initial Thoughts Based upon my understanding of the findings from the aforementioned research, I believe that attachment patterns of adopted children and their mothers would be very similar to mothers who are raising their biological children. The reason why I believe this is

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Definition Essay - The Evolved Definition of Community

Definition Essay- The Evolved Definition of Community The definition provided in The American College Dictionary from 1964 says â€Å"a group of men or women leading a common life according to a rule.† I never really viewed community in this manner. Many of us think of the word â€Å"community† as a group of people who live near each other. We forget that a community is actually just a group of people with common interests or characteristics who often happen to live near each other. Communities can be bound by race, religion, economic standings, political standings, and most commonly, location. Frequently, communities fall into more than one of these categories. The definition of community has obviously changed over the years. If we look at†¦show more content†¦In Charles Derber’s â€Å"The Good Man Fills His Own Stomach,† Derber refers to two very different communities. One is the Ik who lived in Uganda and were described as â€Å"unfortunate people expelled by an uncaring government.† The other, was an imaginary community from the Woody Allen movie Crimes and Misdemeanors. This community seemed to resemble a community from our present day upper class with only the best hotels, restaurants, and symphonic recordings. Although these two groups are very different, they each still follow the criterion of a community. Each are groups of people who have formed a sort of bond with each other because of a certain lifestyle, interests, or beliefs. When people use this word in present everyday conversation, their application of the definition is usually compatible with the first and third definitions of The American College Dictionary. The second definition, â€Å"the public,† is too general. A community is not only a public, but a public with a common interest. In my area, when the word community is used, the person is usually referring to the West Bloomfield community. Talking about symbols and signified, the West Bloomfield community originally started out as just the group of people who lived in the town of West Bloomfield. Now the people of the area have come to make â€Å"The West Bloomfield Community,† signify something entirely different. It currently means any group of people who are wealthy and Jewish no matter their locality.Show MoreRelatedBlack Power And The Fight For Civil Rights914 Words   |  4 Pagesdifferent definitions, but the image that sticks out is the radical militant side. One example of this group was the Nation of Islam that had a very charismatic figure head in Malcom X, who preached for separation from whites and also labeled them as the devil (Lec. November 19). Then there was another definition that isn’t thought of as much like Stokley Carmichael preached, that blacks need to be a part of the system not shy away from it (Lec. November 19). What it is the definition of Black PowerRead MoreThe Importance Of A Good Society Is Not Achieved By Chance Or By Default1446 Words   |  6 Pagesplace to help individuals succeed in various areas. From Travels of a T-shirt in the Global Economy, it is evident that without necessary trade, negotiations, and boundaries, the millions of T-shirts produced would not be able to flow across global communities, bringing alongside them countless job opportunities, more effective governance systems, and enhanced research and innovations. Clearly, one of the key aspects of a good functioning society is the establishment of good and effective structures.Read MoreSecurity Studies : A Relatively New Discipline903 Words   |  4 PagesInternational Relations. Traditional security studies, or International Security Studies, came about at the end of World War II in 1945, whilst Critical Security Studies was developed and evolved from traditional studies. Critical Security Studies was developed to challenge the traditional approach of security studies. This essay looks to explore the key elements within each security studies approaches in order to evaluate which is more worthy of explaining current global events, with reference to the emergenceRead MoreWhy Latin American Catholics Are Increasingly Practicing Fringe Catholicism Essay1136 Words   |  5 Pagespractitioners and other members of the community. Yet, the previous literature is consistently lacking in providing a detailed explanation of why people pray to these various folk saints and rather answer the question of why these saints exist. A more parsimonious theory needs to be developed that fully addresses all the nuances of fringe Catholicism, in terms of creation and development, and the implications it has for Latin Americans. i. A Few Definitions Before continuing on the discussion ofRead MoreComparison Between Durkheim And Freud s Theory Of Religion1110 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout this essay, an attempt to compare and contrast two key theorists approach to the study of religion namely Durkheim and Freud will take place. This will consist of four stages, firstly an introduction comprising of a definition of religion by Durkheim will occur. Secondly a comparison and contrast of the approaches by Freud and Durkheim to the study of religion, as well as the strength and weaknesses of these approaches and lastly a presentation of a conclusion will occur. A number ofRead MoreImpact Of Social Differences On Australian Schooling876 Words   |  4 Pagesimpacts of social differences on Australian Schooling; this essay will define identity and how it is formed in the context of Australian students, how this identity impacts their education in a secondary school context and how education is catering for social differences both in schools and in new teacher education. Like many other studies involving social sciences, the idea of identity multi-layered and rarely involves a concise definition. Howitt Julian define identity as â€Å"your understanding ofRead MoreThe Common Attributes Between Religion And Brands1318 Words   |  6 Pagesacademic scholars have taken great interest in researching how brands operate like religion. With that in mind, the purpose of this essay is to identify and analyze the common attributes between religion and brands. This analysis begins with working definitions of both concepts, in addition to discussing the common attributes which include: formation of human community, focus on human desire, and entering into human relations of exchange. Accordingly, by drawing on David Chidester’s text, AuthenticRead MoreThe Origin Of Moral Sense By Charles Darwin1529 Words   |  7 PagesCharles Darwin is famous for his theories regarding evolution and natural selection. In his 1871 book, Charles Darwin explains the ori gin of morality through studying the behavior of various species. In his essay, â€Å"Origin of the Moral Sense† Charles Darwin uses his theory of evolution to explain the origin of morality through the study of animals, specifically mammals. Darwin’s main theory of the â€Å"Origin of the Moral Sense† is that humans have natural social instincts which in turn gives them a senseRead MoreSexism Is Prolonged Cruel, Or Unjust Treatment?1430 Words   |  6 Pages By definition oppression is prolonged cruel, or unjust treatment. In today’s society those who are considered to be in a dominant group are whites, men, heterosexuals and Christians. Where blacks, women, members of the LGBTQ community and Muslims are examples of groups who are oppressed. I am particularly engrossed with the oppression towards women. In todays culture women have been put down and are not seen as equal towards their male counterparts. Those with sexist attitudes would more than likelyRead MoreInterpellation : Ideology And Ideology And Hegemonic Language1348 Words   |  6 Pagesthe word has evolved to have two usages. The first usage is legal term, and is currently used to describe legal processes in which a court order is interrupted (Oxford Dictionaries). The focus of this definition is on the second usage of interpellation; as a term in philosophical discourse, where it takes on a separate meaning than its legal definition, popularized by the work of Marxist Philosopher Louis Althusser (Nguyen). It was first used in philosophical context it in his essay â€Å"Ideology and

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Analysis of Employee Benefits within an Organisation Free Essays

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to open the discussion about one of the most relevant features for the human beings these days, the payment schemes such as salaries, wages and benefits that employees receive in retribution of their work. On this paper work it will be developed the next question â€Å"If employees undervalue the cost of benefits, why should a company not drop benefits and simply add more direct compensation?† On first instance, is precisely to say that the direct compensation is the monetary benefits that employees receive in return of the service they provide to the company, such as basic salary, rent allowance, travel allowances and medical reimbursements among others; on the other hand indirect compensation is the non monetary benefits that the employees receive such as life insurance, health security, pension, vacations and flexible timings among others. Thus, the payment programs have become one of the most important issues on the human life nowadays, that?s because they define the opportunities and choices that one person has to provide wellness, security and a future to their families or their loved ones, and in the same way feel recognition for their capabilities and efforts. We will write a custom essay sample on Analysis of Employee Benefits within an Organisation or any similar topic only for you Order Now Consequently, there have always been different systems of pay and compensations to suit the employees and employers requirements, for this reason there are wages with non monetary and monetary benefits. Employees typically depend on salaries and wages to get a stable income and on benefits to provide health and security. For employers, compensation decisions influence their cost of doing business and thus, their ability to sell at a competitive price in the goods and/or service markets. Far beyond that, compensation decisions determinate the employer’s ability to compete for qualified employees in the labour market. (Ferris, et. al, p.528) Employee compensation practices differ across employment units (e.g., organizations, business units, and facilities) on several dimensions. Dimension like Form (cash or benefits), Level (How much do people disserve to earn for their job), Structure (hierarchies and pay differential within an employee unit), Mix (how and when cash compensation is disbursed) and finally Pay Administration (pay policies and who is in charge of that process) (Ferris, et. al, p.528).The central point of the employee compensation discussion has been on defining these dimensions, researching why organizations differ on them, and considering whether such differences have consequences on employee behaviours and attitude; Along this work this topic will be developed deeply and it will be shown examples of how it can vary and how this contribute to the question above. Now then, as it was mentioned before indirect compensation refers to benefits, is essential to understand that this benefits are forms of value (non monetary) that are provided to the employee in return for his/her job. That?s why when it refers to employee benefits the most common are: vacations-holidays, employee stock ownership plans, retirement plans, health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, pension, leisure bonuses, etc. Benefits are increasingly expensive for businesses to provide to employees, so the range and options of benefits are changing rapidly to include, for example, flexible benefit plans and timings. Despite that some employees undervalue the benefits, it?s important to say that companies cannot drop benefits that easy because two essential reasons. The first reason is because of the law; the benefits must be given to the employees as part of the remuneration of their job or services, that?s legal issue and must be part of the pay policies of the company. The second reason is because employees like parents or elder people prefer benefits as they find them important for their families, their retirement or their pension schemes. Other aspects that companies find important are that the indirect compensation can encourage the employee to do a better job, creates a sense of trust and loyalty between the employee and the employer. This way compensation plays such a key role because it is at the heart of the employment relationship, being of critical importance to both employees and employers; also that?s a reason why organizations are becoming more concerned with positioning employee compensation as a strategic human resource management function in order to obtain competitive advantage. Types of Employee Benefits Each country has different forms of salaries, wages and benefits. In the UK, employee benefits are categorised by three terms: Flexible Benefits, Voluntary Benefits and Core Benefits. (Price, 2007, p.467) The first term is Flexible Benefits, also called â€Å"Flex Scheme†, is where employees are allowed to choose how a proportion of their remuneration is paid. This is normally delivered by allowing employees to sacrifice part of their pre-tax pay in exchange for a car, additional holiday, a shorter working week or other similar benefits, or give up benefits for additional cash remuneration. The second is Voluntary Benefits; these are the collection of benefits that employees choose to receive. These tend to be schemes such as the government-backed, Bike2Work and Childcare Vouchers (Accor Services, Busybees, Sodexho, KiddiVouchers, Early Years Vouchers Ltd). Employee Discount schemes are often setup by employers as a perk of working at the organization. ( Finally, Core Benefits is the term given to benefits which all staff enjoys, such as holiday, sick pay and flexible schedule. In recent years, many UK companies have used the tax and national insurance savings gained through the implementation of salary sacrifice system, to fund the implementation of flexible benefits. In a salary sacrifice arrangement, an employee gives up the right to part of the cash remuneration due under their contract of employment. Usually, the sacrifice is made in return for the employer’s agreement to provide them with some form of non-cash benefit. The most popular types of salary sacrifice benefits include childcare vouchers and pensions, that’s a reason why indirect compensation still being important for some workers like those who are parents or those who are close to retirement. 2.1 Disadvantages of employee benefits In the UK these benefits are often taxed at the individual’s normal tax rate,which can be expensive if there is no financial advantage to the individual from the benefit. The UK system of state pension provision is dependent upon the payment of National Insurance Contributions – NIC. Salary exchange schemes will result in reduced NIC payments and so are also liable to reduce the state benefits, most notably the state second pension. ( 2.2 Advantage of employee benefits The benefits are an important component of a company’s remuneration package for attracting and retaining its employees. The benefits serve as incentives to the employees and encourage them to work hard for the organisation, instead of give up part of their salaries. These also help in building up job satisfaction. In the same way, there can be advantages for employers; one of the major advantages is an easing of their own cash flow. Another advantage is the option to negotiate discounts with benefit providers, this could represent savings for the company when the personnel is large, so the provision of non cash benefits can consequently be cheaper than the part of the salary that the employee is giving up. Some benefits are attractive even for young workers such as a company car or mobile phones, which can be provided by the employer and without having to make these arrangements by the employee. On the other hand, tax advantages are extended to employees as well as employers. Some benefits package provides a tax advantage; for example, if the employer pays for the mobile phone, this is treated as a non-taxable benefit, so this can represent a significant tax saving over the course of a year, for both parts. Compensation Management Influence Over Employees and Companies (Example 1) On this case, AVIVA an insurance company has proposed closing its final-salary pension scheme, because is considered inequitable and unsustainable. On this case, the reason of the closure of the final-salary pension was because it took two-thirds of Aviva’s contributions to UK staff pension arrangements, but only one-third of UK staff had the final-salary benefit. This proposal come after a string of businesses announced their intentions to close final-salary schemes to current members. Construction firm Taylor Wimpey, Trinity Mirror, Pirelli, Fujitsu, Barclays, Morrisons, Vodafone, BMI, Dairy Crest, IBM and Costain all said they planned to do so in the last year. ( Now this could be a problem, as it means the typical worker will lose a third of expected pension payments, but also it can proved the high costs of indirect compensation for organizations. On the other hand, incentives and motivation programs can reduce the cost of the benefits expenses for the companies; on the following two examples it can be proved. (Example 2) The company name is Rim Hospitality, which is a hotel, resort and boutique property management company. With rising workers compensation expenses, Rim Hospitality needed to find a cost effective solution that would motivate employees to help reduce these costs, and also maximize efficiencies with employee productivity and scheduling. The plan developed by this company consisted in implementing a prepaid MasterCard card as the award to the employees, which provided the employee the freedom to choose what they want, when they want it. With this plan, Rim Hospitality experienced positive results almost immediately which have steadily increased. Thus, over two years, they reduced workers compensation claims by 29% and therefore this meant more productivity to compensate the cost of benefits and savings of $634,000 during that time. ( (Example 3) There is another case where incentives and motivation programs can reduce the cost of the benefits expenses. This example is referred to Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) which is the world’s largest manufacturer, seller and distributor of Pepsi-Cola beverages. In 2005, PBG was working on a better way to manage the rising cost of health care for its employees. They did that by educating their employees on various health related issues. First of all, PBG implemented an employee survey to get feedback on the interest of their employees. Thus, all the employees who had participated in the survey were rewarded with a prepaid card as an incentive; following the survey period, employees were offered a variety of healthcare educational classes to attend. When the class was completed, the employee received an additional prepaid Card as a reward for completing the class. Time after the implementation of that program, PBG has noticed that expenses generated by health disease, absen ce, emotional conflicts, and health insurance costs were lowered in 47%. ( Now then, sometimes a bad healthcare can drive up the cost of the benefits for employees and employers. (Example 4) Similar to the previous, this example shows that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, as of 2009, trucking had an injury rate 30 percent higher than other U.S. industries. This coupled with higher average medical and indemnity costs, makes employer costs will go higher; therefore this will lead to higher workers compensation costs and any savings employers thought they were accruing will be lost when injuries go up. So, the higher rates can be attributed in part to several factors. Because of the nature of their work many drivers are out of shape, eat badly, smoke too much, don’t do exercise and hardly ever get enough sleep. As a result of this, they found themselves susceptible to heart attacks and diabetes, as well as a myriad of strains, sprains and various other muscular-skeletal injuries. This makes truckers a danger on the road but also a danger to themselves, and by the way driving up employer’s costs. ( (Example 5) Sometimes working in a non traditional way like working from home is a benefit that workers value, especially if they have families. This example shows that an AIM survey made in 2006, indicated that 40% of companies in Massachusetts were looking at ways to decrease the compensation budget, which meant that workers wouldn’t have been happy with that news, for that reason employers found the way to offset the dissatisfaction that will cause. They proposed to give flexible hours of work, telecommuting, and other lifestyle benefits; but perhaps, one of the most important benefits was the opportunity to work from home or 50/50 (half in the office and half in home), that was a differential factor and was used even as a recruiting tool. ( That is an important benefit that more and more companies have put in practice, because they can trust and rely on people, this is a management new thinking and change of attitude, where people find that they work hard when no one is looking at them, that they don’t need a supervisor all the time or someone just watching if they’re working. This aspect was very important for families and parents who wanted to expend more time with their sons and relatives. (Example 6) Another option growing in popularity is flexible time and banks system, which consist on time off available to use at any time, instead of the typical, two weeks of vacation, five sick day permission, and 10 holidays. That way, employers are not asking to the workers if are they sick today, or if do they want the day off; because with the banks system and flexible times they can make some long weekends or take some time off in the middle of the week. That type of flexibility is definitely attractive to employees. ( By a short break, it has been found that the cost of the benefits could be a high risk when the PESTE factors (Political, Economical, Social, Technological and environmental) affect the organization. (Example 7) In Colombia for example, in the nineties when the government decided to open his economy to the neo liberal model of free trade and the invisible hand of Smith that in theory regulates the economy and the prices of buy and sale, a lot of Organizations in the textile industry suffered the consequences of that Governmental policy. There was a specific company that went to bankrupt in a short time after the economic opened, that company was Coltejer who had been one of the biggest companies in the textile industry in Colombia; the reason is that this company gave good benefits to their employees which made this one of the top organizations in where people desired to work, the benefits ranging from computers and household facilities provided by the company to cars that employees could acquire after have worked for some years in the company. So basically, when the Chinese and East Asia products got in the Colombian market, Coltejer could not compete with the bargaining and cheap prices of those products, that because of the high costs of benefits that Coltejer was holding with their employees, among other reasons, and the company could not bear and overcome the price difference, despite the fact that external products were low in quality; so in this case it can be seen that high costs of benefits could provide go od talents and satisfied employees, but also could be a high risk option for the organization if an external factor affect the business. (Example 8) In the same way in Chile, the shoes industry was affected by the PESTE factors; it was basically after signing the free trade agreement with China 4 years ago, and as a result of the undefeatable prices of Chinese shoes companies, many companies in Chile had to reduce staff and reduce both compensations direct and indirect, which brought turbulence and imbalance to the companies. ( (Example 9) Although, external factors could be positive in a medium term perspective, like natural resources prices, especially the petroleum high prices; where in countries like Venezuela usually bring big wealthy to the people, such is the case of PDVSA, the Petroleum Public Company of Venezuela, which is one of the biggest companies in the petroleum industry over the world, and because the petroleum bonanza and the high prices of the barrel make that PDVSA could give spectacular and expensive benefits to their employees, such as car, housing, vacations, education (sons of PDVSA employees receive education allowances and scholarships to study abroad, and free education in Venezuela). So this shows the magnitude and the impact of the benefits on the employee’s life and in the company’s costs. ( (Example 10) A survey made by Personnel Today found that, in half of 700 organisations who responded to the survey, take-up of childcare vouchers was less than 6%, and only 9% of organisations reported more than 30% staff take-up of the vouchers. So it means that poor communication of the benefits of the schemes is the result of the low take-up. However, the survey shows that there is growing awareness of the existence of childcare voucher schemes, which enable employers to offer working parents vouchers to pay for registered childcare without having to pay tax or National Insurance contributions. Most organisations (81%) said staff awareness of childcare vouchers had increased over the last five years, and that offering childcare vouchers could be a deciding factor in attracting working parents and retaining key staff. The final conclusion of the survey applied to the organizations, shown that 91% either agreeing or strongly agreeing that offering childcare vouchers improved an empl oyer’s reputation. The research also looked into employer interest in offering a similar scheme for staff that needed to look after elderly dependants and the results shown that 59% were interested in introducing them. ( (Example 11) As it has been said along this work, good benefits are useful to attract and retain qualified staff for a company, now then, it also help the company to save money. That?s because attractive benefits facilitate a company’s bottom line on multiple levels, and one that shouldn’t be ignored is the cost of replacing employees who become dissatisfied and leave. The cost to replace an employee can be anywhere from 30% to 40% of somebody’s salary up to 150%, and is money that the employer is going to spend on recruiting and retraining. ( (Example 12) On this order, employers might offer workers a motivating and attractive package that says, if you stay with me five years or 10 years, at the end of that time, I’ll give you a raise that might be equal to 50% of the base salary. Because it’s on an individual basis, the employer cannot take a tax deduction for what he is spending, but if the employee got skills and talents that the organization needs to his optimal productivity, it would be more important to tie the employee to the organization for 5 or 10 years. That arrangement appeals to people at certain stages of life. For example, someone with two children is going to be staring to college costs in a little less than a decade. By offering to double his starting salary after 5 years, the employer can bring a little financial-planning reassurance to the worker, while not having to worry about losing the assets he brings to the company. Employees nearing retirement age might also find value in such an of fer. ( (Example 13) This is the case of Unisys (IT Services Company) which has had a flexible benefits scheme for 13 years. This has changed a lot over that time to reflect staff interests, and is split into three categories – security, wellbeing and lifestyle. Unisys workers average salary is about ?50,000. Andrew White, reward manager, says â€Å"We found high interest in security-type benefits rather than lifestyle, so tried to tailor as many as we can in the insurance sector. Security benefits include critical illness insurance, travel insurance and group income protection. The most popular benefits are critical illness, dental insurance, holiday-trading and income protection.† ( (Example 14) In the case of retail giant Tesco, who offers its employees a wide selection of benefits, including a defined benefit (DB) pension scheme that is open to all staff, three all-employee share schemes, life assurance, childcare vouchers and discounts at theme parks. Tesco also offers all its employees a discount card (the Privilege card), which gives a 10% discount on shopping in all Tesco stores and online. Staff can save a maximum of ?730 a year. Staff feedback shows the Privilege card is top of the list of most valued benefits. The reason the Privilege card is so popular is because staff get immediate benefit from it, they get money off their shopping receipt. ( On the other hand, voluntary benefits include a staff tariff on the Tesco Mobile network and discounts at Tesco Bank. Each pay period, Tesco includes a new offer, for example extra deals on clothing, home ware or photo processing. With nearly 290,000 UK staff and from different nationalities, Tesco has a wide range of needs to consider. (Example 15) Telegraph Media Group is an organization who gives to their employees’ wide range of benefits, and that’s the cause of why more than 80% of the employees have declared to be satisfied with benefits. One of Telegraph’s most popular benefits is the pension scheme, where the company pays a lot into that and employees don’t get charged for administration. In the same way there is a good website for the pension scheme. This is very important issue for employees therefore in the current situation, because they can save their pensions and don’t have to worry about the public pot. ( Another valued issue is the health and wellbeing services provided by Telegraph, such as its on-site gym, free and subsidised fitness classes, free corporate massage service, and on-site doctor with physiotherapy services. All this kind of smart compensation policies ease the life of the employees and also the productivity and work environment of the company. (Example 16) Another example is the one about the Oil and Gas Company Subsea 7, who employs 1,800 people in the UK and they consider that is essential to create a clever payment strategy to attract and retain the best people. Considering this the company first introduced tax-efficient perks offered via salary sacrifice arrangements, then built on this with a total reward statement and a flex scheme. To ensure the package is understood and appreciated by staff, it tracks a variety of measurements, including the number who has enrolled on the benefits website, the choices they make, how often they visit the site, and the take-up of different benefits. ( Conclusions During this essay, it has been tried to demonstrate what is better for both employees and companies in terms of compensation. As it has been shown the compensation could vary depending on the company policies and the HR strategies. As human beings we are looking always for the best choice for us, it must be a choice that satisfy the basic needs one person has and at the same time gave him/her wellbeing, comfort and happiness. In the same way companies are looking for the best way to attract and retain excellent staff, which brings quality, productivity, growth, status, competitiveness and profits to the company. Now then, compensation is just the manner in which the employees get some pay in return of the services they have given to the company. The main question of this essay put a hypothetical situation in which employees undervalue the cost of the benefits, and the company has to decide whether remove the benefits and add more direct compensation, which would means add more monetary value, more basic salary or just more allowances; now then, as it has been shown before, the needs of each employee differs depending on the age, personal aims, family type, lifestyle, culture, religion and even education level. So it’s essential that the employer knows perfectly well the characteristics and the staff behaviour, in order to offer the best compensation package for each group of workers, and also to save money and gain productivity and competitiveness. As it has been mentioned before, the company could gain productivity and competitiveness just by offering to their employees’ nice conditions, because the worker who feels that the company really care about him and give to him everything he needs could work the double in the half of time, giving better results and being committed with the business, so that’s how an employer can create loyal and good workers. On the other hand, when companies chose the right compensation packages for their employees, they will be saving money and the reason is because on one side they won’t waste money in benefits that employees don’t like or undervalue or even they are not going to use, and on the other side the save money because if they keep the employees satisfied they won’t be need to spend money on recruiting and training new staff. So, my answer to the main question is that, employers have to do everything necessary to keep employees satisfied, as they are the gears of the machine, so if in this case or in one specific company the employees undervalue the benefits and prefer more direct compensation, I must say that on first instance a general check in of the compensation program must be done, so it means to check the different dimension of payment such as form, level, structure, mix and the pay policies of the company. Is necessary to know that some benefits cannot be removed, as they must be given as a legal issue (e.g. social security or pensions), other flexible benefits could be removed or added according the characteristic of the employee, because I can’t offer a 25 years old person, whose marital status is single a childcare voucher or long term plans benefits, may be this person could be more attracted with travel allowances, or just have more cash to spend on leisure activities; on the other sid e a mother with little kids should be more interested in flexible timings, work from home, health care insurance and vacations, and in the same way an old person is probably thinking in pension schemes. Now then, for the company instead, the fact of add more direct compensation could represent a more complicated manage of the cash flow and at the same time could be more expensive, as employees are not giving up part of their salaries in exchange of the benefits, and some companies usually negotiate discounts with some benefit providers, instead it cannot be done with the employees salary; in addition, with indirect compensation employers get tax advantages, that could be relevant throughout of the year. In conclusion, if the employer adds more direct compensation he could lose money, because he won’t have tax advantages, there won’t be salary sacrifice system so there won’t be possibility to negotiate with benefit providers and as a result it will be also more complicated to manage the cash flow without those benefits. Now on the other hand, if the employees are not completely satisfied with the indirect compensation, it will mean that the work environment could be affected and as a result the productivity, competitiveness and loyalty of the staff which in a medium term could be expensive for the company. So it’s a complex situation, which I’m agree in part, because it require a smart strategy that permit the employer hold indirect compensation in order to benefit the company wealth, assets and resources, but at the same time is necessary offer good perks to employees in order to create incentives and wellbeing among them and thus boost each employ ee to get the best of them. References Books: Ferris, Gerald R., Rosen, Sherman D. And Barnum, Darold T. Handbook of Human Resources Management. (1995) Blackwell Publishers, first ed., Oxford, pp. 528-570 Price, Alan. Human Resource Management in a Business Context. (2007) Cengage learning EMEA, third ed., London, p. 467-488. Redman, Tom and Wilkinson, Adrian. Contemporary Human Resource Management. (2009) Prentice Hall, third ed. Essex, p. 139-174. Electronic Articles and Internet: Aviva to close final-salary pension scheme (20th April 2010). [31st March 2011] HR Management Employee Incentive, Recognition and Reward Case Study. (2005) [ 1st April 2011]. HR Management Employee Incentive, Recognition and Reward Case Study. (2005) [ 1st April 2011]. [2nd April 2011]. [3rdApril 2011] Hudson Valley Business Journal May 17. 2010 [4th April 2011] Hudson Valley Business Journal May 17. 2010 [4th April 2011] [4th April 2011] [4th April 2011] [4th April 2011][4th April 2011] [4thApril 2011] [8th April 2011] Hudson Valley Business Journal May 17. 2010 [10th April 2011] [10th April 2011] Employee Benefits. Dec 2010. pg.24 [13th April 2011] Employee Benefits. Jul 2010. pg.20 [13th April 2011] Employee Benefits. May 2010. pg.43 [13th April 2011] Employee Benefits. May 2010. pg.44 [14th April 2011] [15th April 2011] Bibliography Ferris, Gerald R., Rosen, Sherman D. And Barnum, Darold T. Handbook of Human Resources Management. (1995) Blackwell Publishers, first ed., Oxford, pp. 528-570 Price, Alan. Human Resource Management in a Business Context. (2007) Cengage learning EMEA, third ed., London, p. 467-488. Dowling, Peter and Festing, Marion and Allen D, Engle. International Human Resource Management. (2008) Cengage learning EMEA fifth ed. Hough, Alison. Employment Law. (2006) Old Bailey Press third ed., London. Redman, Tom and Wilkinson, Adrian. Contemporary Human Resource Management. (2009) Prentice Hall, third ed. Essex, p. 139-174. Electronic Articles and Internet: Aviva to close final-salary pension scheme (20th April 2010). [31st March 2011] HR Management Employee Incentive, Recognition and Reward Case Study. (2005) [ 1st April 2011]. HR Management Employee Incentive, Recognition and Reward Case Study. (2005) [ 1st April 2011]. [2nd April 2011]. [3rdApril 2011] Hudson Valley Business Journal May 17. 2010 [4th April 2011] Hudson Valley Business Journal May 17. 2010 [4th April 2011] [4th April 2011] [4th April 2011] [4th April 2011][4th April 2011] [4thApril 2011] [8th April 2011] Hudson Valley Business Journal May 17. 2010 [10th April 2011] [10th April 2011] Employee Benefits. Dec 2010. pg.24 [13th April 2011] Employee Benefits. Jul 2010. pg.20 [13th April 2011] Employee Benefits. May 2010. pg.43 [13th April 2011] Employee Benefits. May 2010. pg.44 [14th April 2011] [15th April 2011] How to cite Analysis of Employee Benefits within an Organisation, Essay examples

Monday, April 27, 2020

Recovery Loner free essay sample

As long as I could remember, I have been told that being a loner, not wanting to spend time with people, was abnormal and therefore not good. Yet, the idea that everyone needs to be social and has to be happy about it did not sit well with me. But somehow, I knew that me being a loner was not correct and had to change that. Dont get me wrong, there are some perks of being a loner like being able to be alone for an extended period of time and not minding, focusing more on what I like to do In the second semester of my junior year, something drastic happened. Our English teacher said that we had to do the Romeo and Juliet drama as an assignment and that every 11th grade student had to do it. I initially did not want to do it. Because, as usual, I didnt want to be around people for an extended period of time; and as one could this required me to spend time with my group mates during practice. We will write a custom essay sample on Recovery Loner or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I tried to talk to my English teacher asking not to do it and, since I really care about my marks, if he could give me an individual assignment to compensate. He replied negatively telling me that I, especially, needed it. So, against my will, I, together with my group mates, started to practice for the drama. By the time we were to present it, we had rehearsed it several times . Even though it was not the best, it wasnt the worst either. Now that everything was over, we had no reason to meet anymore. But fortunately for me, we did and for the first time I had close friends. I literally can see how those few weeks had changed my societal life. Being around them made me realize what I had been missing, I could share my problems, experiences and thoughts with someone other than myself-my friends and they could give me advice on what I should and should not do. Though Im not the most social person in the world, Im not, at least, lonely and I have astound friends whom I care about and them me. I learned that if I had continued on the path I had been on before, I wouldnt have met those people I had and most of all wouldnt have been the person I am now.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

The eNotes Blog 5 New Book-to-Screen Adaptations to Watch (andRead!)

5 New Book-to-Screen Adaptations to Watch (andRead!) Did you know that many of your favorite films likely have their roots in literature? While the film industry seems to generate big-screen hits out of thin air, much of its success is owed to best-selling authors and their original storytelling. So, to get even more out of your movie-watching experience, we recommend checking out the book versions of these eight movies you may not have known were inspired by books first! 1. Beautiful Boy (2018) Based On: Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction by David Sheff     Ã‚   Beautiful Boy is a heartbreaking story about a father and his teenage son who is suffering from an addiction to methamphetamine and numerous other drugs. The movie, released in October 2018, is based on a real-life father-son pair, David and Nic Sheff, bringing to life the memoirs each wrote about their experiences and struggles. David’s memoir is named Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction and is a depiction of parental love and the grief of a father’s trying to understand his son’s spiraling addiction. The movie also draws on Nic’s memoir, Tweak, which tells his personal perspective of addiction. 2. Boy Erased (2018) Based On: Boy Erased: A Memoir of Identity, Faith, and Family  by Garrad Conley Based on a true story, this movie about a boy’s coming out in a conservative Arkansas town is an adaptation of Garrard Conley’s Boy Erased: A Memoir. Like Jared in the film, Garrard Conley was raised in a fundamentalist family and pressured into conversion therapy after coming out as gay while in college. He wrote his memoir to bring to light the harmful nature of conversion therapy and the inhumane practices involved. 3. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018) Based On: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows This film is an adaptation of the charming historical novel of the same name that librarian Mary Ann Shaffer and her niece Annie Barrows wrote in 2008. The film is very true to the original novel’s plotline, following protagonist Juliet Ashton’s journey as a young writer during World War II. She decides to travel to Guernsey Island after receiving a letter about a secret literary society that was established there during the German occupation. A major aspect of the novel that could not be replicated on screen is that it is told in an epistolary fashion through Juliet’s beautifully written letters. 4. The Hate U Give (2018) Based On: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas This timely movie is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Angie Thomas. Thomas created the character of Starr, a sixteen-year-old black girl who is struggling to balance two very different lives. Starr has grown up in a low-income, predominantly black neighborhood, but she attends a mostly white college-prep school. When her unarmed friend is shot by police in her neighborhood, she is called to activism as the only witness to the crime. 5. The Haunting of Hill House (2018) Based On: The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson This new television web series has brought Shirley Jackson’s gothic horror novel The Haunting of Hill House to life in a terrifying way. Many may not realize that the frightening Hill House and its unfortunate guests were originally created by Jackson in 1959. Although some of the original character’s names- such as Eleanor, Theodora, and Luke- are used in the television show, they are considerably different characters than the ones from the book. Instead of featuring siblings who grew up in Hill House, the original plotline of Jackson’s novel is about four strangers who come to the famously haunted Hill House to help scientist Dr. Montague find evidence of supernatural forces. Bonus: Other, Older Book Adaptations You Should Watch (or Re-Watch) 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) Based On: The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare Although this high school chick flick set in Seattle may seem like the furthest thing from a Shakespeare play, it is actually based on The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare. If you’ve read the play, you’ll notice the similarity in names and almost identical plotline, as Petruchio must â€Å"tame† the unruly Katharina so that his master Lucentio can marry the beautiful Bianca. Bridget Joness Diary (2001) Based On: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Bridget Jones’s Diary is a modernized take on Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride and Prejudice. Although Pride and Prejudice is focused on the societal pressures surrounding marriage and financial stability that women faced in Victorian England, 21st-century Bridget Jones also faces pressure from her mother and the people around her to marry before it’s â€Å"too late.† There are many parallels between the two storylines- the drama and romance between Bridget and Mark Darcy closely resemble the tumultuous courtship between Austen’s Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. Shes The Man (2006) Based On: Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare Did you know that this sporty romance movie is also inspired by one of Shakespeare’s comedies? In Twelfth Night, Viola disguises herself as a man named Cesario after she and her twin brother, Sebastian, are shipwrecked. As Cesario, she works for the Duke of the town by helping him woo the object of his affection, Olivia. However, Olivia falls in love with disguised Viola and Viola falls in love with the Duke, who is quite confused by his own affections for his â€Å"male† servant. Sound familiar?

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

ACT Rules and Regulations What You HAVE to Know

ACT Rules and Regulations What You HAVE to Know SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips Because the ACT is such a high-stakes test, the folks at ACT, Inc. have implemented a series of rules to ensure that there is no cheating and that all students have as close to the same test-taking experience as possible. Before you take the ACT, you should familiarize yourself with these important rules. You don’t want to start using some scratch paper that you brought and then be dismissed from the test and have your score canceled. Know the rules so you don’t find yourself in such a situation. In this article, I’ll explain the rules for the ACT and the consequences for breaking them. The Purpose of ACT Rules There are rules for the ACT to prevent cheating and ensure the same test-taking experience for all students. Through these rules, the ACT folks are trying to create a fair, standardized test-taking experience for everyone who takes the ACT. If certain people are given an advantage, that could affect college admissions and future ACT scores. Now that we know why the rules exist, let's take an in-depth look at the rules you need to follow when you take the ACT. All the ACT Rules You Should Know You should review the prohibited behavior during your ACT. Also, these are the items you must remember on test day. Let's go over both sets of rules in depth.I'll emphasize the important regulations to make sure there's no confusion. Key Guidelines You Must Follow on Test Day Be on time! You won’t be admitted to the test if you're late. The reporting time is 8:00 AM, but I advise that you arrive at your testing center by 7:30. When I took the ACT, there was a long line that moved rather slowly to enter the testing center. I showed up at 7:30 and entered the room I took my test in shortly before 8:00. Make sure you're only working on the designated section. If you’re taking the math test and realize that you messed up on an English question, there’s nothing you can do at that point. Going back to a previous section or looking ahead in your test booklet is considered cheating. Don’t talk about exam content at any time.This is a tough rule to follow, but don’t talk about specific questions during breaks or after the test. The ACT doesn’t want you sharing information about test questions because questions are often reused. I know you’ll be tempted to talk about that annoying reading passage with your friend, but don’t, especially at the test center. A strict proctor can cancel your score for doing that. When you arrive at the test center, turn your phone off and put it in your backpack. If you look at your phone or if it makes any noise during the test, you can be dismissed and have your score canceled. You can post an Instagram pic of what you wore to the test after you get home. This is probably obvious, but don't do anything that can be considered cheating. Cheating isn't only unethical, but also you don't want to face the consequences if you get caught. What You Must Bring to the Test Admission ticket - You must have your admission ticket on test day. Photo identification- Make sure to bring an acceptable photo ID. You won't be admitted to the exam if you don't have your ticket and proper ID. Bring an acceptable ID to the ACT What You Should Bring No. 2 pencils with good erasers- On the ACT, you're not supposed to use mechanical pencils or pens. Don't be that person anxiously asking for a pencil right before the test starts. Also, a good eraser is likely to come in handy. A permitted calculator- You can't use calculators that make noise, have a QWERTY keyboard, or use a power cord. You can't use calculator apps on a cell phone or laptop. Check out this page for the specific ACT rules on calculators. A watch- I recommend using a watch to help yourself keep track of time on each section. The proctor may forget to remind you when time is running out on a section, and the clock in the room may not be working. However, make sure that the watch you bring doesn’t make noise and that the alarm is off. If an alarm goes off during the test, you can be dismissed and have your score canceled. Miscellaneous items- Here are some things you should bring that will make your test-taking experience more comfortable and less stressful:a backpack, snacks and water for breaks, extra batteries for your calculator, and extra pencils and erasers.You may not be allowed to eat in the testing room, but it’s a long test so it’s good to refuel during breaks. What You Shouldn't Bring Any electronic device other than your watch and cell phone- If you’re seen with a laptop or personal computer, that will be considered cheating. Make sure you’re not using any audio or video recording devices. That will also be considered cheating. (Also remember that your phonemust be put away.) Scratch paper- If an exception applies and you’re allowed to use scratch paper, you may only use paper that ACT has authorized or supplied to you. A dictionary or thesaurus- The only resource you're allowed to use is a permitted calculator to help you with math. Possible Consequences for Rules Violations The consequences for violating any of these rules can vary. Often the consequence will depend on the strictness of your proctor or test center. If you don't have proper ID or your admission ticket, you may not be admitted to the test. If you’re caught violating other rules, you can be dismissed from the test and possibly have your score canceled. In certain situations, you can have your score withheld if there is suspected cheating. In the most extreme cheating situations, the ACT can even take legal action. It's most definitely in your best interest to know and follow the rules. What's Next? Learn the 21 ACT tips you should be using and 14 last-minute ACT tips. If you want to get a perfect ACT score, instead of cheating, learn how to get a 36 on your ACT from a perfect scorer. Looking for practice ACTs?Taking practice tests is one of the best ways to study for the ACT, and we've compiled links to all the free and official ACT practice tests available online. Disappointed with your ACT scores? Want to improve your ACT score by 4+ points? Download our free guide to the top 5 strategies you need in your prep to improve your ACT score dramatically. Have friends who also need help with test prep? Share this article! Tweet Justin Berkman About the Author Justin has extensive experience teaching SAT prep and guiding high school students through the college admissions and selection process. He is firmly committed to improving equity in education and helping students to reach their educational goals. Justin received an athletic scholarship for gymnastics at Stanford University and graduated with a BA in American Studies. Get Free Guides to Boost Your SAT/ACT Get FREE EXCLUSIVE insider tips on how to ACE THE SAT/ACT. 100% Privacy. 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Ask below and we'll reply! 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ACT Vocabulary You Must Know ACT Writing: 15 Tips to Raise Your Essay Score How to Get Into Harvard and the Ivy League How to Get a Perfect 4.0 GPA How to Write an Amazing College Essay What Exactly Are Colleges Looking For? Is the ACT easier than the SAT? A Comprehensive Guide Should you retake your SAT or ACT? When should you take the SAT or ACT? Michael improved by 370 POINTS! Find Out How Stay Informed Get the latest articles and test prep tips! Looking for Graduate School Test Prep? Check out our top-rated graduate blogs here: GRE Online Prep Blog GMAT Online Prep Blog TOEFL Online Prep Blog

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Climat change and sustainable development in Saudi Arabia Essay

Climat change and sustainable development in Saudi Arabia - Essay Example Deforestation increases the global warming further by destroying the natural equilibrium existing in the planet. Middle-east countries are the major sources of fuel oil to the world. The industrial development in these countries and rise in income levels of the people has increased the emission of greenhouse gases significantly during the recent years. Saudi Arabia, the largest country with more population in this region, is a leading exporter of oil. While the oil exporting countries have the rights to exploit the natural resources, the world community expects them to contribute significantly for combating global warming. This paper seeks to study the role of Saudi Arabia in reducing pollution within the country and combating climate change. This paper also focuses on the various policy measures adopted by Saudi Arabia with respect to the international negotiations on Climate Change in combating climate change. The Saudi Arabian government is headed by the King who is helped by the Council of Ministers. The government is assisted by legislative body, Consultative Council.   The country is divided by thirteen provinces headed by the governors. The judicial system in the country is based on Islamic law. â€Å"In October 2003, the cabinet approved procedures for the election of half of the members of the municipal councils, as a start towards greater participation of the citizens in the governing of their country.† 1 General Environmental Law and Rules for Implementation of the government envisages precautions, measures, methods and environmental standards to be adopted in relation to environmental protection along with the General Environmental Regulations and Rules for implementation in the country. Casey 2 reported â€Å"The Middle East and North Africa will be especially hard hit by climate change in the coming decades, the World Bank said in a report Wednesday, saying